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Petition to the Vallejo City Council

Dear Vallejo City Council:

  • Nearly half of Vallejo tobacco stores visited by state enforcement in 2018 sold to an underage decoy.

  • A quarter of Vallejo City Unified School District juniors say it’s “easy” to get cigarettes and nearly half (46%) say it’s “easy” to get electronic cigarettes (vapes).

  • Cigarillos can be bought in Vallejo for as little as 99¢ for a pack of six, and single cigars are sold for even less!

  • Big Tobacco spends over $6 billion a year to deliberately keep prices low because they know over 100 studies have shown that higher prices reduce smoking among teens and inspire adults to quit.

Bay Area cities are addressing the problem of cheap, flavored, tobacco and vapes. Please protect Vallejo youth.

Please contact me to let me know how I can help.

Thanks for helping to protect Vallejo youth!

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